Free Range Learning

The World is Our Classroom

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About Me

My name is Stacey Becker. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm wife to an IT Nerd and mother to two boys. I am self-diagnosed with OCD and some sort of anxiety issue, with a slight caffeine-related disorder. I strive to be tolerant of everyone, but when I made that a life goal, I had no idea how difficult it would be! I work on it every day in every situation. I'm not always "Politically Correct." I think I'm a lot funnier than I really am! I see the world as black and white and I married a man who is all gray! Somehow, we managed to turn that into something wonderful! Needless to say, I lead a crazy life!

I began the homeschooling journey with my children in 2000 and we've had a great, adventurous, exciting journey to get us to where we are today. Before my boys reached "school age" I set up a wonderful, Montessori based playroom. We all absolutely LOVED it! The boys were always playing/learning from the time they got up until the time they went to sleep. However, once they turned 5 something took over my brain and I followed a curriculum in a way that I'm not even sure the writers of the curriculum meant for it to be followed. I read what they told me to read, I said what they told me to say, I took a break when they told me to take a break. It didn't take long before I realized we were bored. The boys and I started rushing through school work. Why? Because everyone wanted to play!

That led me to my next approach to homeschooling. A little less "school" and a few more projects. Projects are fun, right? All along I was paying more and more attention to how the boys were playing after school.Then I realized, they may be learning more after school than during school. How could this be? I was spending HOURS every week planning these learning projects!

Finally, I stumbled across the idea of unschooling. Seriously? Kids just play all day? The more I read, the more it made sense to me. The more I paid attention to my children, I saw how it worked right before my eyes! Over time, the boys and I have morphed our schooling into what we call Free Range Learning. The boys pick and choose what they want to learn about, I facilitate by finding all the resources I can find about their interests. Sometimes that means books, sometimes that means movies, and sometimes it means a field trip! I help the boys set weekly goals for themselves and its my job to make sure the goals are met by the end of the week.

We run our learning like a job. We set goals and we have deadlines and we are following our dreams! We run our home like a community. Everyone pitches in to help for the good of all, we don't have "chores" and we don't get "rewards" for doing them.

Here you'll find a little bit of everything that helps guide me on my journey as a  homeschooling/ unschooling/ freeschooling mom!



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