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The World is Our Classroom

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1   Link   Raw Learning
At Raw Learning we facilitate a personalized education for each student. The environment considers the whole child by making opportunities available for their mind, body and spirit to be nourished. Safety and freedom go hand in hand while the children explore their world.

2   Link   Leaping From the Box
Unschooling articles, resources, explanation, and links to assist you in your learning journey.
3   Link   Unschooling Assistance and Ideas
Living Joyfully Pam Laricchiause the links at the top of that pageThere are other links throughout the site, as you'll see. Here's unschooling presented in a very structured way.
4   Link   Articles on Learning
A list of many articles on Learning.
5   Link   Growing Up Unschooled
One woman's blog about growing up unschooled.
6   Link   Learning Without Schooling
Patrick Farenga worked closely with the author and teacher John Holt until Holt’s death in 1985. He is the President of Holt Associates Inc. and was the Publisher of Growing Without Schooling magazine (GWS) from 1985 until it stopped publishing in Nov. 2001. GWS was the nation’s first periodical about homeschooling, started by Holt in 1977.
7   Link   An Unschooling Life
As an unschooling mother of two girls ages, 11 and 17, I consider myself very fortunate. I have been able to be at home with my children for almost 18 years. I have witnessed every stage of development the girls have experienced.
8   Link   Unschooling Ruminations
The C family set on their unschooling adventure with the birth of their firstborn, Little W. This blog details Cassi’s ruminations, theories, and experiences regarding their unschooling journey.
9   Link   Free Child Project
The Freechild Project defines unschooling as the process of learning through life, without formalized or institutionalized classrooms or schoolwork. Unschooling relies on interpersonal relationships and natural learning progression to have effect on learners, instead of textbooks and classroom teachers. Self-education is the liberating practice of... teaching yourself.
10   Link   Ordinary Life Magic
Really nice unschooling blog!
11   Link   How to Unschool
The unschooling approach to homeschooling is not a new approach to learning. It’s the way we learn naturally when left to follow our interests. It’s also the way most children learned before modern compulsory schooling. Unschooling is not a method, as you will learn, but a flexible approach for individual families and individual children.
12   Link   Irresistible Ideas
We are Sherry Hutton and Donna Burns. We taught preschool together for many years in Melbourne, Australia and together we welcome you to ‘irresistible ideas for play based learning’.
13   Link   Unschool Adventures
Unschool Adventures designs and leads multi-week international adventures and domestic leadership programs for teenage unschoolers.
14   Link   Pepper Paints
I am a Mom to 3 unschooled kids ages 4, 9, and 13. I am wife to a hard workin’ man that makes this all possible. I think we should all live for what makes us happy and live outside the boxes-all of them!
15   Link   The Unschool Bus
Our little family, an unschooling family converted a retired public school bus into a motor home. We live on our bus full-time as we travel around the United States meeting new people, seeing new sites and learning together every day.
16   Link   Parent At The Helm
A homeschool mom turned grandma turned full-time advocate for intellectually freeing children from the confines of government (public) schooling, Linda Dobson welcomes aboard homeschoolers, after-schoolers, teachers, parents whose kids are special needs, gifted, unmotivated, bored, and/or stressed, parents whose kids rock their world, and/or parents who intuit they’re the only ones with the necessary knowledge and love to chart their own course to life as family, living in freedom to enjoy the voyage of family life.
17   Link   Demand Euphoria
I'm enjoying learning with, from, and about my kids every day. We aren't going to send our children to school, not because of what's wrong with school, but because of what's right (for us) with not-school.
18   Link   Dayna Martin
Dayna Martin is an Unschooling Expert and has been at the forefront of the unschooling movement for the past decade.
19   Link   Winging It
What you might see here: homeschooling (oh, yes, lots of homeschooling), unschooling, and stupid school tricks (also known as “excellent reasons to homeschool”); comics about my family drawn by the ever-talented Nova; mindful parenting; my (frequently pitiful attempts at) photography; spirituality and faith; holistic health and real, traditional food; family adventures; videos by my brilliant children; freedom and libertarianism; and … well, really, just about any little thing that strikes my fancy at the time.

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