Free Range Learning

The World is Our Classroom

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What about socialization?

Natural socialization occurs when infants and youngsters explore, play and discover the social world around them.

Free Range Learning allows our children the freedom to associate with other interested parties, visit local businesses, museums, libraries, etc. as part of learning, and to interact with people of all ages in the community.Meanwhile, in public school, children are segregated by age, and have very little interaction with other adults, except their teacher(s). This environment only promotes alienation from different age groups, especially adults.

When taking my children out into society as an active participant, they learn how to speak and interact with people of all ages. They are at ease living outside the confinement of a classroom being told what to think and when to think it. They learn the importance of being able to make your own decisions based on the reactions of real people in real-life situations.

"I think children need much more than they have of opportunities to come into contact with adults who are seriously doing their adult thing, not just hanging around entertaining or instructing or being nice to children. They also need much more than they have of opportunities to get away from adults altogether, and live their lives free of other people's anxious attention."          -John Holt