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The War on Kids

A Spectacle Films, Inc. Production

Directed by Cevin Soling

When victims of oppression are considered inherently inferior, little thought is given to the imposition of psychological abuse or the persistent and often capricious measures of establishing control. Even attitudes regarding physical punishment become morally blurred.

In American history, this mentality resulted in atrocities such as slavery and the subjugation of women. What is surprising to many is that the most oppressed class of people in America today is children. The widespread belief that children are the most privileged is used to justify their maltreatment. The War On Kids exposes the ways this oppression manifests itself in the school environment, and how American society has succeeded in creating an underclass comprised of children.

While many documentaries have shed light on the chronic educational famine of the inner city-child, there has been no film to date that deals with the inescapable oppressive abuse that all children in America, regardless of race or class, face. Through zero tolerance, the excessive and invasive use of security measures, abuse of prescription drugs, and an educational system that is modeled after the penal system, a war has truly been waged on the kids of America.

The intent of this war is to control youth to make them docile, obedient, and powerless; and, to keep them under surveillance at all times so they can never become a threat. Ultimately, the repercussions of this war are seen in the acceleration of the erosion of our democracy.

This movie is a "must see" for anyone with children in school or  thinking about putting their children in school! Its so very eye-opening and really sad. Sad is the most appropriate word that comes to mind.


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