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What to Expect When You Marry an IT Nerd

Ive included this article here because my "IT Nerd" is the reason Im able to do what I do! His hard work and dedication to our family gives me the ability to take care of all things home and school! I love you, Dan


What to Expect When You Marry an IT Nerd


I'm going to start out on the topic of "gamers." The rest of my article does not include this special group of people. I feel if you are willing to marry a grown man who still plays video games, then, get what you deserve.

I'm discussing the group of individuals who eat, breathe, sleep, dream, and live computers.

Strange Hours

One of the first things you will notice after marrying your Information Technology Guru is that there are no longer regular business hours. This may even start as early as your wedding night! You shower, put on your favorite perfume, pull out that cute little nightgown, and walk into the bedroom expecting to see your "love monkey" waiting for you. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your love monkey will be in the office on his laptop because "he thought he had a few minutes" while you were in the shower. Since you are newlyweds you can probably lure him back to bed after he ensures that nobody on the World Wide Web needs him. After you spend a little quality time together its time to curl up and fall asleep romantically in each others arms. WRONG. Your IT Nerd will want to start a conversation with you about something he read on Slashdot. What?!? Don't panic! If you close your eyes and let him ramble for a bit, he will usually notice that you've "fallen asleep." Once everything is quiet you can cuddle up next to him and finally fall asleep.

At some point in the middle of the night you will likely reach over to put your arms around your little "tech muffin" only to find that you are in bed all alone. Sleepily you look at the clock and see that its 2am. Is everything alright? Is he sick? From another room you will notice a strange glow. Its a glow that you will soon recognize in a split second. The glow of the screen from your husbands computer. Still a little wobbly, you walk down the hall and look into the office only to see someone leaning close to the screen and typing as if the keys may fly off the keyboard if he doesn't keep hitting them. Its your IT Nerd! "What are you doing?" you ask. Did you know that while your IT Nerd is sleeping he is also solving multiple crises on the internet? He can simultaneously configure a server, test an RPM, build a database, take apart your neighbor's broken laptop, post a video on You Tube and read CNN! Amazing! Especially since he can't handle putting the lid down on the toilet after he pees.

At first, you may be concerned that this wasn't what you signed up for. Over time you will learn to either stay in bed or get up and make coffee. If you have a job, you will likely have to learn to sleep alone. I don't have to work so I find it more entertaining to get up and watch the different faces of frustration as I try to have a conversation with my "typing tart." If you have a good husband, he will try to talk and work. If not, you'll likely be asked to leave.


The next thing we need to touch on is the subject of storage. An IT Nerd comes with an incredibly ridiculous amount of STUFF.

First are the computer parts. The typical IT Nerd will have spent the majority of his free time as a single man foraging for these parts. What could be more fun than taking apart computers on a Friday night? By the time you say your "I dos" , your husband will have enough computer parts to fill a room.

The shocking part is that a large percentage of these computer parts will not work. This will be very confusing to the new, inexperienced IT wife. Soon, however, you will learn the importance of keeping a computer that can barely run Windows 2000 is because it has a fan inside of it. You never know when you may need an extra fan. You will learn that its alright to keep 15 to 20 dead hard drives because they contain a rare-earth magnet. Oooooh! Aaaaah! Only quietly and to yourself can you question why you would ever want a rare-earth magnet?

You will also discover that your IT Nerd will hold on to floppy disks and floppy drives because so often throughout history we have decided that our new technology, like CDs, just aren't cutting it and we need to bring back the dinosaurs! He will be prepared.

Your IT Nerd will also have the biggest bragging rights with all of his friends when he pulls out the WORKING Tandy TRS-80. The fact that I have to link to a page explaining what it is, should tell how important it is.

Finding an appropriate place in your new home to store these Nerdy Treasures will become your job. I know, your first thought will be to throw them away. This is one of the many compromises you should probably live with. Plastic storage totes will become your new best friend! Pack the stuff away, label each tote, and I promise you he will never NEED anything in them so they will remain undisturbed in the corner of your garage.

Finding Your Happy Place

How do you learn to cope? You simply have to find your Happy Place. Find something to do that you love. Read, sew, write, cook, sleep, anything that occupies 22 to 23 hours of your day. Once you understand that you haven't married an ordinary breed of husband and learn to embrace him for who he is, the happier your marriage will be.

Focus on the many benefits to marrying an IT Nerd. Your computer will always work. You will never have to worry about viruses. If your computer breaks temporarily, and it can't be fixed with the fan you have stored in the garage, there will likely be 10 to 12 other computers you can use in the meantime! When you want a place to store your digital photos online....DONE. When you want to write a blog about your family life so your kids can read it when they grow up....DONE. When you accidentally close a document that you've been working on without saving it...your IT Nerd will come to your rescue!

Love your IT Nerd! Love your IT Nerd!

Written by- Stacey Becker


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